5 Reasons To Steer Clear Of Free Online Dating Sites

Here’s five reasons why you should steer clear of free online dating sites. The key point here is that there is no such thing as a free dating site. There is always a cost, although you may not have to get your credit card out or part with your hard earned cash while trawling through free online dating sites.

1. The Membership Base is Low Quality

With free online dating sites there is limited, if any, quality control. There’s no screening process for new members, anyone can join. There’s no filtering process. Paying a small fee to a legitimate online dating membership sites keeps most of the unwanted individuals at bay. Im most cases people who won’t invest a small amount in a relationship are cheap, have something to hide or are not serious about a relationship.

Free dating sites are loaded with out of date profiles, fake profiles and misleading profiles. It’s not uncommon for the same people to have multiple profiles. Expect to find plenty of cheaters, liars, phonies and crazies on free online dating sites.

2. Low Success Rate for Relationship-Minded Singles

Free dating sites typically have a very low success rate for people finding a long-term relationship. It’s common to get little or no response to your profile. And the people that do respond are often not the ones you want to meet.

Free dating sites make money through advertising. They are a great place to advertise a quality solution because real members don’t usually get what they are looking for.

3. Relationship Prospects Are Low

With free online dating sites most people aren’t serious about a relationship. The members have a low level of commitment. Sadly, people don’t value things when they are free. A free online dating site may be good for a casual fling but it’s not the place to go looking for a long-term relationship.

4. It’s Never Free, There’s Always a Cost

Free dating sites aren’t free at all. The biggest cost is how much time you waste without getting the result you want. Free online dating sites make money by wasting your time and showing you advertising. The longer you are on a free online dating site the more likely you’ll click on an advertisement. Nothing wrong with spending your time on a free online dating site. You may get some entertainment value, but you’ll likely get better entertainment watching TV or reading a book.

Advertisers know that free dating sites are a great place to find single prospects for paid services. In most cases people don’t get what they want on free online dating sites. Most people on free dating sites lack commitment, belief and the backbone to take the steps to find a real partner.

5. Waste of Time

The results of free online dating sites are highly questionable. While there are no reliable statistics on the success rate, it’s safe to assume that it is very low. The general consensus appears to be that people don’t find compatible matches or long-term relationships on free online dating sites. The fact that many advertisers find success offering paid products on free online dating sites confirms this.

By all means check out a free online dating site to get familiar with online dating sites platforms and features, but don’t get sucked in and waste your time. You’ll eventually find yourself clicking on an advertisement to find something better. Or you’ll give up from utter frustration.