5 Things You Must Know About Facebook and Dating

With the explosion of social media and personal information accessible at the click of a button, here’s 5 things you must know about Facebook and dating.

1. Social media, in particular Facebook, has changed the dating landscape forever

Without close attention what was once private and intimate can be very public. Ask yourself the question: do you want a new romantic interest to see pictures of your ex, your friends, your kids, your whole life early on in the dating process? Take it slow with new love interests on Facebook. Let them discover you. A big part of the dating thrill is discovering someone over time. Don’t open Pandora’s box from the outset, don’t friend them on Facebook straight up.

2. Friending someone on Facebook early in the dating process can be cause for disaster

If it doesn’t work out, and it often doesn’t, you can leave yourself open to unfair criticisms and emotional torment. Don’t do it unless you want all your ‘dirty laundry’ spread around all your Facebook friends and their friends.

3. Your past failed relationships are there for the whole world to see on Facebook

Privacy is a thing of the past. Each time you change your relationship status anyone that’s allowed to view your page can see it. Your love life becomes a public spectacle for all your friends to see. All your relationship mistakes are recorded. Tread carefully. If you breakup with someone it’s difficult to avoid virtual run-ins with your ex if you continue to use Facebook. This can make moving on and starting afresh a more challenging and longer term activity.

4. Facebook is a great place to find dating sites that serve your age group, location and interests

Facebook allows advertisers to target specific age groups, cities and interests. For example, let’s say you are an active over 50 single male who lives in Los Angeles. It’s likely you’ll see ads for dating sites that serve active mature single men in Southern California.

5. Many single people don’t disclose (or haven’t updated) that they are single on Facebook

Some people are in the process of ending relationships, others don’t want to disclose their relationship status. The pool of singles on Facebook is much bigger than you think.

The bottom line is that Facebook has changed dating forever. Potential love interests can find out more about you faster than ever and you can do the same. Tread carefully!

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