7 Reasons Matchmaking Is Better Than Online Dating

Here’s 7 reasons offline matchmaking is better than online dating. With matchmaking we’re talking about a personalised service where a professional matchmaker helps you meet someone special. Online dating refers to online membership dating sites like Match.com.

1. You only meet singles who are serious about a long-term relationship
With matchmaking it’s certain you’ll only meet people seeking a long-term relationship. People who pay for matchmaking service are serious about finding love. You won’t find anyone who’s looking for a casual fling, who has little or no intention of entering a long-term relationship.

2. Most of work done for you
With matchmaking you’re paying for a premium service. Your professional matchmaker helps you find compatible singles that live near you. This means you don’t have to go trawling through online dating profiles searching for potential matches. You don’t have to prepare your profile. Effectively you provide your details and preferences and the matchmaker finds you compatible dates with relationship-minded people in your area.

3. Guaranteed introductions
When using a professional matchmaker you can expect guaranteed introductions. This means you can be sure you will meet singles who are interested in dating you. In contrast you may not meet anyone that’s compatible or worth pursuing on online dating sites. Even worse, you might get duped by liars, cheaters and phonies.

4. No fake or misleading profiles
With matchmaking there are no fake or misleading dating profiles. People who use the services of a matchmaker are screened to verify the accuracy of their details. In most cases the matchmaker is preparing the profile. They understand that being authentic and real is the foundation for a relationship that lasts.

5. Insider info on dates
Your matchmaker doubles as your personal dating coach. The big bonus here is that you get insider information on your date before the date. Your matchmaker usually has met your date in person and can pass on important information you’d never get from a profile. Your matchmaker can help you to prepare for your date and give solid advice on what to do and what not to do. Using their experience they can offer a range of recommendations to help you get the best result.

6. Honest date feedback
With a matchmaking service you can expect timely objective feedback on your dates. And you get honest feedback after the date. The matchmaker usually knows the person you are dating and plays the role as date facilitator. This gives you a clear answer on whether to continue dating or move on. You can’t get this feedback on online dating sites, you’re always guessing.

7. Much faster, much less time from you
Matchmaking is much more time efficient. You are paying for someone to do the work for you. You don’t have to spend time creating and finessing your profile. You don’t have to send multiple emails and chat with heaps of people, many whom just waste your time. All you have to do is get setup and make yourself available for dates. Matchmaking typically works faster because you’ve hired someone who is paid to get results, they guarantee introductions and must fulfil on this obligation.

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