Top 7 “No BS” Dating Picks of 2014

We’ve scoured the Internet and sifted through 100s of dating sites. Here’s a snapshot of the best dating sites we found. Click on the links to read a more detailed review. Even better, go direct to the site and check it out for yourself.
Site Snapshot Visit Site
mdo #1 In Personal Introductions For 40+ Singles

  • Guaranteed introductions
  • Personalized one-one-one service
  • Matching singles for over 32 years

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mqs #1 Matchmaking Site for 30+ Singles

  • Fresh new service gaining market share
  • Ideal for busy professionals
  • Personal local introductions

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match #1 Biggest Online Dating Site

  • For Singles in their 20s to 40s
  • Search 1000s of singles profiles near you
  • Find someone 6 month guarantee

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eharmony #1 For Relationship-Focused Singles

  • Over 600,000 marriages
  • #1 Trusted relationship services provider
  • Patented scientific compatibility matching

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ourtime #1 Singles 50+ Dating Site

  • The place where over 50 singles meet
  • Meet other 50+ singles near you
  • Biggest baby boomer dating site

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christian-mingle #1 Largest Christian Singles Dating Site

  • High quality customer support
  • Upholds Christian values
  • Serious about safety and security

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Get What You Want From Online Dating Sites

10 Positive Results Millions of People Have Achieved With The Help Of Online Dating Sites

  1. Find love and happiness
  2. Start a fulfilling long-term relationship
  3. End their loneliness
  4. Meet someone special they can trust
  5. Find a reliable companion or friend
  6. Feel like they belong
  7. Feel safe and secure
  8. Improve their financial position
  9. Get married
  10. Meet someone who cares about them

Online Dating Statistics

According to research conducted in 2014 by there are 112 million singles in the USA. Around one-third of these singles are over 50 years of age. Of the singles over 50 years old, 45% are men, 55% are women and 69% are single parents. 31% of survey respondents met their last date online versus 25% who met their date through a friend.

Online Dating Reality Check

Get Prepared for Online Dating Success
To succeed at anything means you must understand the realities of what it takes to succeed. You have to be clear about what you want and realistic about outcomes. Online dating success takes time and effort. There will be highs and lows. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Online Dating Success is Your Responsibility
Succeeding at online dating is your responsibility. When online dating doesn’t work out for people it’s usually because they don’t take responsibility for their results. Sadly they end up a victim of their own actions. There’s 111 million singles. You are only looking for one. Millions of people have found love using an online dating site. You can too.

Ignore Negative Minority
Ignore the negative reviews. These come from the people who fail; the small minority who complain the loudest. Ignore them. The facts are that millions of people have found love through online dating sites. People who succeed are too busy enjoying their new relationship to post glowing reviews. They got what they wanted and have moved on. Focus on the success stories and you’ll get much better results.

Be Real, Be Authentic
Research and user experience shows most people lie about themselves in online dating profiles. It’s only natural to want to present yourself favourably, to stand out from the crowd. Many relationships that start strong fall apart as the lies get uncovered. Being real and authentic, is a sure-fire way to building a quality relationship and experiencing lasting happiness. Promote the fact that you are real and authentic and you’ll naturally stand out from the crowd.

You Pay For What You Get
You pay for what you get. Free dating sites are often clogged with out of date and unresponsive profiles. If you value your time and are serious about meeting someone special a paid online dating service will deliver far better results in most cases than a free dating site.

Cast a Wide Net
Online dating is a numbers game. Cast a wide net. Potential matches on online dating sites want dating success just like you. If someone shows interest and then goes cold remember it’s them, it’s not you. They may have found a partner, have family or health issues or just have given up. Don’t be discouraged if a date falls through. It’s true there are plenty of fish in the sea, 112 million in the USA singles sea.

Don’t Be Too Picky
Be open to new possibilities. Make a shortlist, perhaps three things you won’t compromise on. If you’re too picky you’ll severely narrow your options. If you only want to meet a stockbroker earning over $200,000 per annum who likes yoga and dancing, who’s a 5’11” super-fit vegan, you’ll likely be disappointed. Be open-minded. It’s often the quirks that we find most appealing.

Never Give Up
Don’t give up until you’ve got what you want. The means you must be clear about what you want. Write down what you want to achieve. To succeed at online dating set specific goals and write them down. Numerous studies show that the biggest determinant in being successful is having clear goals and writing them down.

Rare Insights Into Online Dating from Stanford Professor

Former member, Stanford professor Paul Eyer, offers some rare insights into the world of online dating in his book Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Economics I Learned From Online Dating

  • The more members there are on an online dating site the more likely an individual will find love.
  • Someone who’s been on a dating site for a long time is likely hiding something.
  • Make a big impression on the first date. Dress smartly, pay the bill and tip well.
  • There’s no such thing as the perfect mate.

Best of luck finding that special someone. Remember you have many unique special qualities that set you apart from others. Celebrate your differences and so will others. You deserve the very best.