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A specialist in personal introductions for over 40 singles seeking a long-term relationship, has carved out a niche in the dating market. The founders of Mature Dating Only began offering matchmaking services in the early 1980’s, well before the internet arrived on the dating scene. This is not an online dating membership site.

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mdo #1 Personal Introductions For 40+ Singles

  • Guaranteed introductions
  • Personalized one-one-one service
  • Matching singles for over 32 years


The owners of have helped over 6.8 million mature American singles since 2002. The focus is on meeting compatible local singles seeking a long-term relationship. Everyone that qualifies for professional matchmaking services is offered a free consultation to discuss their needs and assess their suitability for the services provided.

Mature Dating Only is one of several brands used to attract relationship-minded singles to a nationwide network of offline matchmaking agencies. The owners operate their own offices and have partners throughout the USA and Canada. The offices cover around 65% of the USA population and we are growing steadily, increasing our reach. Offices can be found in most major cities and regions.

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Everyone that becomes a client is serious about starting a long-term relationship and personally screened in a face-to-face interview with an experienced matchmaker. This is not the place for people seeking a casual fling. The screening process means only quality singles make the grade.



How is Different to Other Dating Sites? is not an online dating membership site. The website is a gateway to meeting a real professional consultant who will personally introduce you compatible singles that live in your area. The service is targeted at successful singles over 40 who are seeking a long-term relationship.

The main difference of this service to traditional online dating membership sites is that you are introduced to compatible singles by a professional matchmaker. You do not trawl through online dating profiles and try to get dates using online chat and email. You will get valuable honest feedback about the dates you go on from your matchmaker and they will provide ongoing support.

To become a client of you must qualify by taking a face-to-face interview with a professional matchmaker. As a result of the in-person screening process you can be assured there are no fake dating profiles, only real people seeking a long-term relationship.

Many years of experience have shown that long-distance relationships are likely to fail. For this reason Mature Dating Only will not introduce you to people outside your local area. Paying clients are guaranteed personal introductions to compatible singles in their local area.
How Works

To register for a free consultation with a professional matchmaker enter your personal details and preferences on the online form. If you qualify your details will be sent to a personalized local matchmaking service. The key qualification elements are age, location and income. If you don’t qualify a premier online dating service that serves your area will be recommended.

You will receive a free no-obligation phone consultation to assess if this personalized matchmaking service is suitable for your needs. If you decide you want to find out more a free in-person appointment is arranged at a time suitable for you where you can meet a skilled matchmaker in person to discuss your needs further and what packages are most suitable.

If you purchase a package the matchmaker will get to work creating your profile and find compatible local singles for you to date. Compatible matches will be discussed with you and personal coaching provided if you decide to go on a date. After the date has finished you’ll get honest feedback on the date usually within 24 hours.

Only after a candidate goes through this screening process will they be invited to become a client. Having this pre-screening done for you means you can rest assured that your matches are honest, quality, and worthy of your time. Highlights

At you won’t waste your time trawling through online profiles. You can be certain that all profiles your professional matchmaker shows you are accurate and current. Unlike online dating sites, you can be assured there are no fake dating profiles.

The fact that this service was developed well before the Internet arrived and has survived and prospered despite the uprising online dating sites is a testament to the value and success of the services provided. 32 years of experience matching mature relationship-minded singles has been a recipe for success.

A recent study by Scientific American showed that 90% of all clients somehow lie or mislead on their online dating profiles in some way. All clients are 100% screened in-person by experienced matchmakers, so you’ll never be misled by a dishonest online profile. This means you’ll only receive current photos and verified personal information.

The type of information verified by the matchmakers includes…
” Confirmed as being single and available, not married or in another relationship
” Personal details including name, age, address and contact details
” Financially stable and exceed certain income levels
” Are honest and sincere about starting a long-term relationship offers a personalized service in contrast to online dating memberships where you are on your own. You get inside information about your date before going on a date. You get coaching advice on how to have a successful date and make a positive impression.

You get feedback after the date on what went well, what didn’t and if a second date is a good idea or to move on. The chances of being stood up are very low.
Most of the work is done for you when it comes to finding a compatible single person to date. They claim a much higher success rate than online dating sites. Matchmaking is suitable for people who have been out of the dating scene for a long time, like divorced, separated and widowed singles. Lowlights

The matchmaking network only has around 65% coverage of the USA. Not everyone is accepted as there are strict income and age requirements. On the flipside, if you do not qualify you will be offered exclusive access to an online dating partner that best matches your age and location. You may even receive a free trial.

This is not the place for people seeking a casual fling. is only for mature singles that are serious about starting a long-term relationship. In most cases this service is not offered to people less than 40 years of age.

This is a premium service which costs more than an online dating membership. You ‘pay for what you get’ applies here. This is not the place for cheapskates or people looking for freebies. Verdict is well-suited to serious over 40 singles that are committed to starting a long-term relationship. If you want personal assistance and are prepared to pay for results this service is definitely worth investigating further. is suitable for busy professionals and businesspeople, for people that have been out of the dating game a long time and not sure where to start. If you’re a little intimidated by getting back into the dating scene or technologically challenged Mature Dating Only may be the perfect solution for you.

Why not register and see if you qualify. At a minimum you’ll get a free phone consultation and be more informed about what’s available to ensure you find love.

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